Auditor's Office

Real Estate Inquiry Instructions

Monroe County Auditor's Office
Denise Stoneking, Auditor 
101 North Main St., Room 22
Woodsfield, OH 43793
Phone:  (740) 472-0873
Fax:  (740) 472-2523

The Auditor's Office has developed a page-by-page tutorial for using the Real Estate Inquiry. This tutorial should help you navigate the various tabs of the Real Estate Inquiry. Point your mouse at anything underlined in green to show the explanation of that item. The name of the tab is highlighted at the top of each page.

To access the tutorial, click the below:

Real Estate Inquiry Instructions

If you find any errors in the tutorial, or feel that there is an item not fully explained, please contact either Eric or Denise in the Auditor's Office.