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Monroe County Recorder Launches New Records Management Solution, CountyFusion™

Monroe County Recorder Launches New Records Management Solution, CountyFusion™
WOODSFIELD, OH (2017) – The Recorder of Monroe County Ohio, Ann Block, recently launched a new records management application, CountyFusion™, Powered by Kofile Technologies, Inc.  CountyFusion™ provides a comprehensive solution to expedite the processing of land records and other recordings and supporting financials.  It also provides a user-friendly search portal for staff and public users visiting the County and online.

Monroe’s implementation includes cashiering, OCR for indexing, customized workflows, web search portal, customized reporting, full legacy system data conversion, disaster recovery services and redaction as necessary.

The solution protects the important records filed with the Recorder’s office using multiple-level data replication. All documents recorded at the office are immediately backed up – both within the county office and at Kofile’s data center facility – ensuring the county's data is safe and secure.

The County will plan to start accepting eRecordings in early 2018 and will be able to seamlessly able accept and process electronic recordings.  Submitters will be able to electronically submit official records in minutes – virtually eliminating travel time and expenses associated with visiting the local courthouse.


"We are excited to implement CountyFusion to streamline our recording procedures with the latest technology, utilizing all that it has to offer,” states Ann Block. “The automated indexing using OCR will significantly reduce indexing time and possible errors.  It is important to continue to enhance the services for our constituents and focus on efficiencies in our office and cost savings for the County.”